Why work at Canteen? A bit about us

Would you like to work at Canteen? Are you positive and enthusiastic, and do you have a can-do attitude? If you can answer ‘yes’ to these questions and to those that relate to our current vacancies below, then check again you match who we’re looking for and send your CV to, stating which role…

Chef de partie

Do you have previous experience in a busy, high-volume, branded kitchen environment? Do you take pride in your work? Would you like to work somewhere you can progress? Can you help maintain our high standards, and maybe even help us raise them further still? Do you love cooking with locally sourced fresh seasonal products? Do…


Bartenders, we need you. To smile, to help, to serve. From bottled beer to bubbly, and from cold ciders and perrys to hot chocolates, here at Canteen we take our drinks very, very seriously. That means you’ll have to be as skilful at making coffee as you are at preparing our uniquely British cocktails, such…

Waiters / waitresses

If you’re confident and positive, with a warm smile and an even warmer personality, then we need you – this is more important than experience and training – we can offer you that. You’ll be part of a great team that enjoys good benefits and chances to progress within the company, if that’s what you…

Until you can wear an edible wristband that’ll ‘check you into’ a Canteen branch, tweet your location and tell people you ‘like’ our food by updating your facebook account automatically, we’re supplying you with good, old-fashioned postcards to help spread the Canteen word.

And what beautiful postcards they are, too.

Look out for these pocket-sized masterpieces from illustrator Stefi Orazi in any one of our branches from Saturday.

Pop a stamp on them and send to friends you’d like to share a Canteen meal with.

Or just put them on your wall because they look great.

The Canteen Hook and Knob that features in all our London branches can now be seen in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, too. In its shop!

Fly over to the Big Apple and pick one up for forty bucks or save yourself the airfare and get it for £19.50 from twentytwentyone.

Powder-coated back plates protect the wall from dirt and cover fixing marks.

Only trouble is, they look so pretty, you’ll never really want to hang anything from them.

You can buy them from Very Good and Proper, and also internationally at Remodlista and MoMastore.

Over at London Design Guide, our good chum, Max Fraser, has just finished a series of sell out bike tours of London Design Festival.

In association with urban bike brand, Tokyobike, he guided riders to a surprise selection of exhibitions and events.

And when all the excitement and exercise was done, Max brought journalists and aficionados to lunch at Canteen, where they were delighted to discover bits of grub in amongst all the design.

Go to London design guide to buy your copy of the book, you can also visit Tokyobike by clicking here.

We’re currently working with artist, Stefi Orazi. Or rather she’s doing the working and we’re doing the looking-on-in-amazement while she creates wonderful illustrations of our restaurants and animals (yes, animals) for postcards, as well as for a little surprise we’ve got coming up for little people.

If you’re a fan of modernist architecture, you might have heard of Stefi already.

If not, find out more about her and her work here.

It’s pretty hard to write while you’re doing backflips but here goes.

Have you been crossing your fingers for us since we told you last month we were nominated in the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards?

If you have then thank you because on Tuesday, 22 June, 2010, we beat Wahaca and four other restaurants who’d employed architects and designers, and one other in-house team, to collect the award for best design in the multiple restaurant category.

Thank you judges. Also thank you of course to Windmill Furniture, Very Good and Proper, Twentytwentyone, Robert Dudley Best, Ernest Race, Hudson Powell and everyone in our in-house team who helps make sure our simple, honest designs reflect the quality of our food.


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